EV Chargers

Electric vehicles have become increasingly popular due to their eco-friendliness and cost savings. However, finding convenient and accessible charging stations is a major challenge for EV owners. This is where EV chargers come in. They are specifically designed to charge electric vehicles and provide a reliable source of power to keep them running smoothly.

How does Huawei EV chargers work?

It is compatible with Huawei inverters and the FusionSolar application. It simplifies tracking energy usage and power consumption by presenting charging information in graphical charts.


- Charging power for EVs is dynamically regulated to prevent your main switch from disconnecting.

- ⁠It is possible to charge your EV by prioritizing solar power.

- ⁠possibility to Log In with the app, RFID card, or Bluetooth

- ⁠charging power of 7,4kW monophase and 22kW triphase

- possibility to mount on a pillar or the wall

Learn more about the Lektrico Smart Charger that is made in Europe


- Budget-friendly: It already comes with a 5m charging cable.

- Compact: Small in size.

- Fast charging: 7,4 kW monophase and 22 kW triphase.

- Flexible Charging Current:

Adjust the charging current as you wish.

- Control from Anywhere:

Start or stop the charging process remotely.

- Intelligent Load Management:

Automatically modifies the charging current to avoid overload.

- possibility to prioritize solar energy when charging.